Teen Wellness
Simple Snacks Suggestions

(Available from Overwaitea)

Sesame snaps
: high in sugar, but also get added nutrition from sesame seeds and the honey they are made from ie calcium and magnesium and B complex

Organic almonds soaked in water over night make them easier to chew and digest and they taste better. Very good source of calcium

Chocolate soy bars that have chocolate in them but also have a good amount of protein so not only will it give you quick energy but several grams of protein so that your brain can function longer. (If you have a long exam, you can snack on this before hand and it will tide you through)

Rice crackers that taste good and can be a quick snack with cheese in place of wheat crackers or potatoe chips. They come in many flavours.

Popcorn: a good snack in place of potatoe chips. I make a batch ahead of time and take it with me in the car. I use an air popper and use spices such as cayenne, butter (not margarine) and spike. Nummy!

Hard boiled eggs with spike is a quick snack.

Organic prewashed carrots: already to go are very sweet and easy. The non organic ones goats won’t even eat!

Make your own cheese slices snacks rather than the packaged. They provide more nutrients rather than chemicals

Juicy Fruit Gum: The only gum that doesn’t use aspartame or other articifial sweeteners.

Carob chips and carob covered ginger are nummy. Add carob chips to a trail mix of nuts rather than chocolate chips.

Sunflower sprouts are the sweetest tasting sprout. Great for sandwhiches instead of lettuce and great on salads too.

Nile Spice cup-a-soup: Just add boiling water and enjoy. Great for after school snacks.

Kettle or Mrs.Vickies potato chips have fewer chemicals in them so you won’t get mouth sores from them or have other weird symptoms from them like excess thirst or headaches like you might get from MSG etc.